Valerie and Robert Kirwan

In order to better understand the evolution of Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc., it would be helpful for me to provide you with some background on how everything started.

I began my own private practice as a business development consultant around 1985. This was initially done on a part-time basis during my teaching career.

Upon my retirement from teaching In 2001, my three sons and I founded Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc., providing a variety of services to the private and public sector. Our services ranged from publications, marketing, public relations, training and staff development.

Over the years my sons have gone on to other careers and my wife, Valerie and I remain the sole shareholders and directors of the corporation. We are continuing to provide specialized marketing services to local businesses in the Greater Sudbury area.

I served as Trustee for Wards 5 & 6 for the Rainbow District School Board from 2010 to 2014 and was subsequently elected to the position of Councillor for Ward 5 in the City of Greater Sudbury for the 2014 to 2018 term. I was re-elected for a second term of office and will remain as City Councilor until the end of 2022.

The position of Councillor of Ward 5 is a part-time responsibility.

Over the years we have published a variety of products that were used to promote our clients. We has special interest magazines and tabloids in print form for many years and then around 2005 we started to use digital formats and distribute our publication through emails. Then, we noticed that the social media platform, Facebook, was becoming a popular form of communication.

My wife and I decided to lauch a group called Valley East Today as the social media extension of our community web site We started the group on January 16, 2010 with just the two of us as members.

We now manage the Valley East facebook group, which has grown to over 14,000 at the beginning of 2019. It has become our new "community publication" and we are able to use it to provide our clients with effective exposure.

Basically, we are focusing on providing consulting services to small businesses looking for help with their social media marketing strategies. We help them create effective posts that they can use on their own facebook sites and elsewhere. We actually post them first on the Valley East facebook group to so that the clients can then share them wherever they wish. If a client wishes us to do the distribution as well, then we adjust our rates accordingly. For the most part, clients just want to pay us to create the posts for them.

We will continue to offer marketing services to a limited number of clients while my time is being split between my position as President and CEO of Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc. and Councillor for Ward 5.


INFOCOM CANADA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS Inc. provides specialized marketing, public relations and staff development services to businesses, professional offices and organizations which are located primarily in the City of Greater Sudbury. 

Our strength is in our ability to help a company clearly identify their main goals and objectives, analyze their current status; and then facilitate the achievement of their goals and objectives through the development and implementation of a realistic plan based on the available resources.

Since I have been in office as a City Councillor, I have had to cut back on the amount of time I devote to my practice, but I still provide specialized services in the following areas to clients who require my services:

bulletDevelopment of Marketing Strategies;
bulletManagement of Facebook Groups;
bulletTraining & Staff Development Programs;
bulletPublic Relations;

Even though I am operating the company on my own at this time, most of the initiatives of Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc. rely on the establishment of an effective network with other businesses, organizations and individuals. It is this networking philosophy which is expected to enable the company to grow and expand its client base among small and medium-sized businesses which are well aware of the need to make good use of the internet in order to compete with larger competitors. 

Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc. remains a family owned company which has a great deal of  potential to become one of the leading marketing organizations in the Greater Sudbury Area through its strategic positioning.

If you are interested in finding out if I can be of assistance in any of the above areas, I would encourage you to contact me so that we might be able to discuss your situation.

For more information on my services, contact me by phone or email:

Robert Kirwan, B.A. (Math), M.A. (Education), OCT
President and Chief Executive Officer
Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc.
Phone: (705) 969-7215



I will continue to facilitate the growth of the Valley East Facebook Community which has grown in size to 14,000 members.

This has become the social media extension of the Valley East Today Community Web Site which I founded in 2003. It is also a site where I am able to showcase clients wishing to develop a higher profile in the community.

 The Valley East Facebook Community serves as the virtual news publication for the people living in Valley East.  My wife, Valerie and I also manage the following additional facebook groups as spin-offs of the Valley East site:

Valley East Consumers' Guide

Valley East Town Hall

Valley East Baking Exchange

Valley East Real Estate Guide

Valley East Birds and Gardens

Woodworking, Crafts and Projects

Valley East Memories

Valley East Fundraising

Valley East Passing It On

Valley East Seniors Scene

The Valley East facebook group is the new wave media where part of the content is publisher-produced and the rest consists of member contributions and engagement. This is a two-way interaction which allows members to read the news and/or engage with each other on topics of interest. The site has also been very helpful when anyone requires any information. They just ask a question and there are plenty of people with the answers.

The Valley East Facebook site is also a way for local goods and service providers to let their prime market know about what they have to offer residents. A heavy emphasis will be made in the coming years on utilizing the Valley East group to promote local businesses.

The Valley East Facebook group is also an example of my ability in group management, something that I suggest most businesses should consider as a major component of their own marketing plan. I believe that for some clients, managing their own facebook group would be very beneficial to their organization. Facebook groups can also be used as an effective tool for training of employees.

Contact: Robert Kirwan